frequently asked questions

Q: What does YSIB stand for?


"Why Should I? Because." Although it does say this on the page, people often ask us this at shows. The band has since abandoned the full version of the name and now goes by just YSIB. (Please, no MxPx comparisons.)

Q: I don't get it. What does the "Y" stand for?


You suck.

Q: What is pseudo-punk?


Pseudo-punk is the style, or genre, of music that YSIB plays. The word comes from the combination of the prefix "pseudo-" meaning "false" or "fake" and the word "punk" meaning "punk." Basically, YSIB isn't aggressive or political or just plain serious enough to play "real" punk rock. So in order to avoid fitting in, Brian created a new genre of music. Of course, creating your own genre has its advantages. For example, you are instantly the best band in the category and can call yourself things like "America's favorite pseudo-punk band."

Q: What does "Why Should I? Because" mean?


Although it's fun to think that "Why Should I? Because" is a satirical spin on the stereotypical anti-authority punk attitude, the truth is that it's something that Brian and Shane started yelling out years ago at their junior high pep assemblies. "Why Should I? Because" became a song, and eventually, a band name, as explained below. We shortened it down to YSIB because it's "friendlier."

Q: How did YSIB get started?


One could say the band started in 1995 when eighth grade classmates Shane Regan and Brian Rogers created the fictional band "Why Should I? Because." This band had only one song, "Why Should I? Because." The lyrics consisted of the phrase "Why Should I? Because" sung over and over again to the tune and rhythm of any other song, the most popular ones being those played at junior high pep assemblies. This "band" planned to release an album of remixes of this one song, but since this was a joke, it never happened.

YSIB came one step closer to becoming a "real band" in March 1997 when the tenth grade Shane and Brian along with fellow classmate Andrea Eberly recorded two songs for an English project. These songs ended up on the "Midsummer Night's Dream" soundtrack, of which one copy was released. (The songs, "Track ∅" and "Bottum," have been encoded into MP3 format, but it is unlikely that they will be released to the public.)

This English project opened the "YSIB floodgates," so to speak, as it prompted Shane and Brian to write a combined total of over 100 songs specifically for this band. These songs were short, "verse-chorus-verse"-style, and pretty much stupid. Regardless, Brian wrote music for many of the songs and called it "pseudo-punk."

A friend of the two, Chris Jenkins, was made aware of the still-fictional band and wanted to join the fun. He had been playing guitar for a month or so, compared to Brian's year-and-a-half of guitar experience, so Chris was named "rhythm guitarist" while Brian took over the "lead" role. Shane couldn't play any instruments at the time and thus became "lead singer."

So, for months, nothing happened.

Then in March of 1998, as kind of a spur of the moment type of thing, YSIB scheduled a practice together... the first session where all the current members would come together and play the songs that would later annoy hundreds.... YSIB was now a band.

Well, as close to a band as one could get without a drummer or bass player.

In the quest for more band members, YSIB came across Alex Clark, guitar extraordinaire. He had previously let them record some songs in his basement ("Moon Room Studios") and he was the only person who had both a bass and an interest in their music. So, logically, he became the bass player. Alas, things didn't work out as planned and Alex eventually quit the band.

As for drummers, Garrett Simms was the only person unpopular enough to be seen with the band, so YSIB picked him up and attempted to school him in the ways of pseudo-punk. This plan was doomed to failure, however, as he was seldom able to attend band practices and was really more of a "rock 'n' roll" type of guy. YSIB also played with drummer Nick Budinich for one show, but he was way too cool for the band. YSIB still lacked a rhythm section. But things began looking up....

A friend of the band, Anthony Schmidt, had expressed an early interest in being a part of the YSIB experience by recording and producing their first demos on his laptop computer. However, he could play no instruments. Ignoring this and focusing on his reliability (he had attended every YSIB practice from the beginning) and eagerness to be in the band, YSIB picked him up as "drummer." He later purchased a drumset and began learning how to rock it YSIB style.

With three of the four instruments covered, YSIB quickly threw a bass in Shane's hands and ordered him to learn to play or suffer the consequences.

For the first time in its four-year history, YSIB was a "real band."

Q: Thanks for keeping that "brief"... I didn't ask for your life story or anything!


Well, in a way you did. Hey, wait a minute, that wasn't a question. Anyway....

Q: Why did Alex leave?


Alex never really fit in with our style, and wanted more creative input in YSIB. However, we already had a bunch of songs written that we wanted to play, and things just didn't work out. After Alex quit YSIB, he went on to help form David's Address, a great band that YSIB has played with on occasion. We are all still good friends with Alex, and even after his departure, he still sat in with us live on occasion.

Q: Did you ever record the "Why Should I? Because" song?


Yes. It's called "Cliché Punk Song," and we taped it once at Alex's place when he was in the band. The only words are "Why Should I... Because!" and "Let's Rock!" Fortunately, we never played it again. It showed up on The Early Year(s) promo CD, and as part of a bonus track for Preventable Car Accidents.

Q: How long has everyone been playing?


Brian has been playing guitar since January 1996. Chris has been playing guitar since April 1997. Shane has been playing bass since January 1999. Anthony has been playing drums since December 1998, unless you count table drums (which he's been playing since 1995).

Q: How old is everyone in YSIB?


Our birthdays (MM/DD/YY):

  • Brian: May 10, 1981
  • Chris: September 4, 1981
  • Shane: May 12, 1981
  • Anthony: April 17, 1981

Q: What type of equipment does YSIB use?


Much of YSIB's equipment sucks. You be the judge.

  • Brian plays a right-handed Ibanez Artist guitar left-handed and, during the earlier YSIB days, played through a Fender Champ 15GR (small, not very loud). He used a Digitech RP3 Guitar Effects Processor for distortion and chorus effects. During the summer of 2001, Brian purchased a "real" amplifier (an '80s model Peavey Ultra 60 tube amp) and 4x12 speaker cabinet (old style Sunn with new Peavey Scorpion speakers) but has had only a few opportunities to use it.
  • Chris plays a Fender Stratocaster (Mexican model) through a Fender Champion 110 (a little bigger and louder than Brian's Champ). For distortion effects, he uses a BOSS Metal Zone pedal.
  • Shane plays a Rogue 24-fret bass through a Crate BX-15. (Thanks, Erik! Shane will give you the $30 for it... someday...) He used a BOSS Xtortion pedal for distortion effects on a few songs, such as "KISUX." (Shane bought this bass in June 1999, so any pictures on the site before then will show him playing this really old crappy bass that Anthony's dad let him borrow.)
  • Anthony's first drum set was a cheap Percussion Plus which over time was refitted with new heads and a heavy-duty bass pedal. (Thanks, [different] Erik!) He later purchased a Sabian B8 (cheap) crash/ride, a Sabian AA (not as cheap) medium crash, and Sabian B8 (cheap) hi-hat cymbals. No, he doesn't have a big thing for Sabian, nor does he have an endorsement deal, it's just the cymbals he ended up getting. After YSIB's "hey day", he ended up buying some better drums (some type of Pearl kit).

However, if you've seen us live, you'll know that we always steal people's equipment when we play with other bands, so watch out if you are ever playing a show with us.

Q: Is YSIB vegetarian?


Well, if YSIB were a physical being, it would be 75% vegan. (It would also weigh about 600 lbs. and fit around the earth's equator a whopping 1.75x10-7 times!) That is to say that Anthony, Brian, and Chris are vegans and Shane is the lonely omnivore of the group. It is rumored that Shane eats only meats, and avoids vegetables whenever possible. Shane denies this.

Q: Do you guys have jobs, or do you just live off the money you make in YSIB?


Our job stats:

  • Shane currently works as a checker at Safeway in Federal Way, WA. A couple years back, he held a 'lucrative' position as program director for a local college radio station, KGRG. His "true calling," however, is theater acting and he has appeared in many local productions. As proof of his success, see his IMDB entry!
  • Anthony is music market sectionhead at a Fred Meyer in Renton, WA.
  • Brian worked at some espresso stand at his college, University of Washington, for 2 school years. After that, he had a few internships (Weyerhaeuser, Product Sight). After graduating, he was hired at Microsoft.
  • Chris eats "Fried Mess." He is currently a graduate student at University of New Mexico studying Evolutionary Psychology.

As for the 'money we make in YSIB'... HAW. This band has probably made under $100 in its entire history. Now that's punk rock... somehow!!

Q: What are YSIB's political views?


This question is only here because we stole a bunch of questions from All in All's FAQ (which seems to no longer exist). Hell, we've stolen a few of their groupies and probably a couple of their riffs too, might as well steal some FAQs. We here at YSIB don't give a crap about politics, or at least singing about politics. Democracy isn't always great, but then again neither is Anarchy. We're not really down with Monarchy, Dictatorship, or Communism either. There's not much we can do. We don't have this crazy idea that some punk band can come along and sing a song and make a difference, so we don't write about politics. I mean, it's been done, you know?

The members of YSIB tend to be "liberal as all get-out," but no one is interested in "converting" anyone.

Q: Who writes the songs?


The majority of the songs are written by Brian. However, Brian, Chris, and Shane all write lyrics. Brian handles most of the music, except for a few songs that Chris wrote. Everyone throws in suggestions, and lyrics and music are constantly rewritten at rehearsals. Some of the songs have started as improvised jams, many of which were made up by Anthony.

Q: To what sort of music does each member listen?


Shane tends to listen to "weird" bands (They Might Be Giants, Nerf Herder, Size 14, PUSA, RBF) with a touch of pretty bands (R.E.M., Ben Folds Five), and others that just plain rock (Cake, Modest Mouse, Harvey Danger).

Brian's favorites include Pinback, Devo, Nirvana, and Beck.

Chris is very into the Pacific Northwest indie scene, and lists Pedro the Lion, Modest Mouse, Micro Mini, Damien Jurado, and others among his favorites.

Anthony listens to "cry-cry stuff" (according to Shane), and among his favorites are Sunny Day Real Estate, Mineral, Cursive, Built To Spill, 764-Hero, Slint, and Hum.

However, all four of us are united by our love of bands like NOFX, 88 Fingers Louie, Millencolin, Lagwagon, and other various (mostly west-coast style) punk bands. However, this is by no means a complete list... all four of us have very broad musical tastes. One would think that would make our music more original, however it obviously doesn't.

Q: What bands do you guys hate?


This is by far our favorite question! We spend more time making fun of other bands than we do actually playing in our own. Our favorite bands to make fun of include:

  • Mainstream darlings like Matchbox 20, Semisonic, 311, Eve 6, and Dave Matthews Band
  • Techno-crap bands like Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, and Crystal Method
  • Boy groups like Backstreet Boys, NSync, and 98 Degrees (even though we cover them sometimes)
  • Trendy punk bands with annoying lead singers like The Nobodys, Dropkick Murphys, and The Living End
  • We make fun of All in All a lot, even though they rule... we just like picking on our friends
  • Bands named "Clutch"
  • Any band who has a song about a prison planet
  • Clutch
  • Mudvayne... haw haw haw haw... have you SEEN these guys?
  • And, just in case you haven't been paying attention... Silverchair.

For more fun with crappy bands, see Anthony's LiveJournal community Music That Sucks.

Q: How can I order your first EP, "Pseudo-punk"?


It's out of print! It sucks, so we don't feel like making any more. If you bug Shane, he might send you a copy that's sitting around his place, if he has any. However, we are not going to print any more. Forget it.

Update: If you're a masochist, you may get all the tracks from our music page.

Q: How can I order your album, "Preventable Car Accidents"?


I don't know...send us a couple bucks and your address and we'll figure something out.

Update: Forget about the CD (unless you're some sort of music-buying "purist" like Anthony). You can get all the tracks from our music page.

Q: Now that everyone has a "real life," are you guys broken up?


Yes and no. YSIB is on "hiatus," although we still pop up and play (albeit very infrequently). Brian and Chris still write their own music for their respective solo projects, and Anthony has played drums in various other projects with some of his friends. Shane is mostly focusing on his acting work, but he does still have his music equipment. Rest assured that we'll continue to play together as we have time, but the focus will be less on YSIB and more on "just having fun." After all, that's what YSIB was all about!

Q: I noticed there are a bunch of stupid questions that no one has asked in the first place, let alone frequently asked. What the hell were you thinking when you put them in this "FAQ"?


Shut up.