T-shirts and Other Shiz

November 9, 1999

"Yo," as it were. Here are a few updates on what's going on in YSIB land. Chris' personal page is up, and he's currently showcasing a new solo tune. Brian is also working on a page for his Bobby McRodgers solo project. (Band members' personal pages are listed on the contact page.) Also, Shane got around to setting up a "random image" thing for the front page, now every time you visit the front page, you will see a different picture of us rocking it out. That is, of course, until you see all of them... but if you do, you are probably a loser with too much time on your hands (like that Brandon guy that has signed our guestbook 23943 times). Oh yeah, and Brian made a new MIDI, this time for "Yeah, Right." And finally, t-shirts are now available for order... e-mail us for details. They are a bit more expensive then we originally projected, however they are high-quality and full-color! Guaranteed to get you kicked out of any *real* punk rock show in town, these new shirts look especially sharp while doing integral calculus or taking a break from your go-nowhere job at Safeway. Order today!

More site updates

September 25, 1999

There haven't been many developments in the world of YSIB of late, but Shane and Anthony did get around to putting up a few new site updates. Check out the brand new pictures from our last two shows, the ultra-l33t random quote thingy on the front page, and the new YSIB java chat room in which none of the band members would ever be caught dead. We *are* planning another show, hopefully at the Auburn Annex, stay tuned for info on that.

YSIB goes on hiatus

August 18, 1999

After playing our last show for a while (see the past shows page for info), YSIB has officially gone on hiatus. Chris is now in Arizona, where he will be attending Arizona State University for a few years. And since YSIB has been the four of us since our very first practice session, we have decided not to seek a replacement guitarist. Here is some additional news regarding our hiatus:

  • YSIB is not breaking up. Chris will be gone, but we are going to continue playing shows in support of our EP. Chris has a lot of friends and family here in Federal Way, and we're going to try our best to get our show dates to correspond with the dates he comes up to visit. Playing with a fill-in guitarist or as a 3-piece has also been discussed, but since Chris sings half of the songs now, we're not sure how that would work. We probably won't have another full-blown YSIB show for a while.
  • The four of us are probably all going to find new projects during YSIB's hiatus. Shane and Anthony are starting a new band with Laurie and Christine of Arrogant Apathy, and Chris has plans to find a new band in Arizona. Brian will continue to sit around at home and make MIDI files and play with Cool Edit Pro.
  • We have many more songs written that aren't on our EP, some of which we play live currently. We are planning a full-length record called Preventable Car Accidents, which will feature tracks like "Sarcasm = ∅," "Too Punk For Crosswalks," and "The People In Front Of Us At The Movie Theatre." Whether or not Chris will be a part of that recording process remains to be seen.

Anyway, this will likely be the last news update for a while. Stay tuned to for any information on future shows or releases. And, of course, thanks to everyone who helped us get this far.

New site updates!!

August 11, 1999

Well now that the Silverchair fan controversy has died down, we've updated a few things here on First of all, thanks to FreeServers and their wonderful new upgrade package, we have a brand new (advertising-free) guestbook and counter! The entries from the old guestbook will be archived on-line soon. By the way, if the new counter is a lot higher than you remember it being, that's because the new counter let us specify the number at which it started, so we took the amount of hits we got on the old site (around 1700) and added that to the amount of hits we already had here at (around 3050) and started the counter at 4750. So don't accuse us of cheating. Okay, now everyone go and sign the new guestbook....

Brian is a nerd

July 19, 1999

Hey everyone! Just wanted to post a little note to say that we are almost out of copies of the first print of our new EP. Get those orders in soon, or you'll have to wait until we print more (and knowing us, that will take forever)! Also, Brian is a nerd and made some YSIB MIDI files. Check them out on the Sound/Video page.

It was a long time coming...

July 12, 1999

Well, the artwork is finally printed, and the first pressing of our brand new EP, Pseudo-punk, is ready to be shipped. Yes, it is finally out. For all of you who have sent in orders via this website, Shane will be catching up with you soon. For all of you who already gave us $5 in person, we'll be convienently avoiding you for a while. That's okay, because we convienently avoid some of you anyway. Also, there have been some major site updates, most notably the new FAQ. Check it out, homes. Oh yeah, we all just graduated high school a few weeks ago, so we'll supposedly have more time for shows and crap now. We'll see.


June 3, 1999

Shane finished CD artwork. New pics are up. Fashionably Loud information up. Wallace quit All in All, Greg joined. Greg rules. Check the YSIB, David's Address, All in All, Negative Trend, and Deep Fried Denise guestbooks for some laughs. Anthony put the brand new All in All and link banner on the links page. No more updates until we have enough copies of the CD printed to start selling. New songs in the works for next (after Fashionably Loud show): "Aks," "Too Punk For Crosswalks," and "Rebel (In Front Of Me)."

New pics, fun stuff...

May 26, 1999

Hey, it's Anthony here. I'm going to be stepping out third person for a bit because I'm bored, and just feel like writing to you all. Hey, I got this cool new Sunny Day Real Estate poster yesterday and it put me in such a good mood, I decided to work on the site. Some brand new live photos are available on the pictures page. I also took the time to write about each group of photos. In other news, I'm sick of promising that the CD-EP will be done soon, but it will. There are still hold-ups in getting all the artwork together, since we are doing this totally ourselves and we all have other things to do. Last night, we went to Brian's place and worked on a brand new song entitled "Too Punk For Crosswalks." We'll probably have it ready to play by our next show, and it will also likely be the first track on the full-length album we'll be doing soon, tentatively titled Preventable Car Accidents. And of course, once we do begin work on it, you can guarantee it will take three months longer than we thought it would, just like the EP. Oh yeah, Shane also put some brand new postcards on the site too, check them out. -- Anthony

"Tour" completed!

May 21, 1999

Wow! Our big three-date tour is complete, on which we must have played for over 130 people. Although the big Freedom of Speech festival was not one of our best sets, the Birthday Bash and the show at the Java Jump will go down in history as our best shows ever, at least so far. Thanks go out to all the bands we played with (The O-Needers, Deep Fried Denise, All in All, David's Address, Emperor P, and the Iron Wood) and everyone who came to our shows. Also, thanks to Mike Nelson, Jake and Dominik, and especially Alex Clark for joining us on stage for some tunes. And, of course, everyone who came to any of our shows also rules. We love each and every one of you. Especially Janelle and Evelyn.

In CD news, promo copies are circulating around. Shane is busy burning copies of the CD, and (hopefully by now) Chris is busy printing off the artwork for the album. Hopefully stuff will be out this weekend.

CD-EP ready, "Tour" scheduled!

April 30, 1999

Our debut EP, Pseudo-punk!, will be ready to be shipped out soon. Everyone who has sent in on-line orders (all two of you, so far) will soon recieve info on how to send off for it. Now that we are done, upcoming plans include recording a few covers for a possible single, or exclusively for We might also try to get together a split-single with some other local area bands. Also, we have a mini-tour of King County coming up, that's right, we're playing shows in Auburn, Federal Way, and Fife in a few weeks.Keep your eye on the show dates page!

YSIB hits the airwaves!

March 20, 1999

YSIB got a little bit of airplay last night! A radio station in Waco, TX, KWBU decided to give our "Don't Wanna Be (Daniel Johns)" a spin on their indie rock show. Thanks guys! Anthony managed to tune in over via RealAudio to here it hear in his hometown. Who would have though our first time on the air would be in Waco, TX? Well, if any of you Koreshians out there heard us, sign our guestbook and tell us what you think! in effect!

March 11, 1999

Well, got the axe from SimpleNet, so we finally decided to get our own domain. SimpleNet killed the server without any explanation, and has refused to work with us. They have been the most uncooperative, unprofessional company that we have ever had to deal with. Anyway, keep pointing your browser straight to for more fun with your favorite pseudo-punk band!

(Update: is back up! Thanks guys! Anyway, the site is staying here.)

New site updates for CD release

February 26, 1999

We are finally accepting orders for the album (CD or cassette) on the purchase page. We are having a few production delays, but if you order now, we'll send the album (along with whatever other goodies we might have at the time) as soon as it is totally done. Also, we've resdesigned a few sections of the site, take a look around. Also, we now have some tracks on-line at Check out our sounds page for more info.

Pseudo-punk! on its way!

January 31, 1999

Our very first CD-EP, Pseudo-punk!, is coming! The CD contains the 10 tracks now on our lyrics page. We are still hard at work on the EP. The CD will be sold on-line for $5 plus some shipping and handling. We will have purchase information for the CD and our new t-shirts on our purchase page soon.

A Pointless News Update

January 23, 1999

Well, we're updating some stuff on the site and we thought we'd put a little news update on here. First of all, the recording sessions for our new EP are getting continually delayed, but expect something soon. New stuff? Not much. Since bassist Alex Clark left the band, lead singer Shane Regan has been seen holding a bass guitar recently, and rumor has it he's actually learning some YSIB tunes. He's picking up on it pretty quickly. Looks like we finally have a stable line-up. A lot of show dates are being thrown around, so keep your eye on that show dates page for the latest info. Until next time!