December 18, 2000

What the?! We have an album due out? oh yeah. With school, radio, work, and whatnot, we have not had time to finalize the new album. sorry. Actually, all that needs to be done is shane needs to take his lazy ass over to brian's with the zip disk so he can transfer it over to his computer. oh yeah, then cover art and stuff needs to be printed. we will try as soon as possible. hope you are all having a merry christmas. If anyone would be interested in seeing YSIB play in the near future, let us know! cuz you know we are all about pleasing the fans. --shane out

"put that machine in the random mode!"

Lies and more lies.

August 31, 2000

Okay, the album will actually be out closer to October. Okay, definitely this year. "Aks" will not be on the album. Which is good, ska sucks anyway. Also, Chris has already gone home, but we WILL play a record release show. Really. We can get him up here....

New tunes...

August 8, 2000

Check out "Too Punk For Crosswalks," "I Don't Know," and the new version of "Don't Wanna Be" up at our site on Find the site on the sound/video page.

We aren't dead.

July 19, 2000

Yes, an update! We've been so busy working on Preventable Car Accidents that we haven't had much time to update the site, but here you go. Here's what's new:

  • Chris is up for the summer, and recording of PCA is about 90% done.
  • We don't have artwork done yet, that's our next priority.
  • Check out the new album page for all the info.
  • The album will be $8 (plus $2 S&H for on-line orders).
  • The CD should be out in September.
  • No Big Deal records might be handling the vinyl release next year.
  • We're also planning on releasing a 7-inch single on No Big Deal in January... nothing is confirmed yet.
  • We will play a big release show before Chris returns to Arizona.

A lot of the site has been updated (FAQ, bio, discography, etc), take a look around! Plus check out the new chat on the page... it's hooked up to EFNet IRC (where the band chats), so we'll be there! If you guys really like it, tell us and we'll get it registered. However, we'd prefer you guys just use a real IRC program like mIRC. But whatever.

YSIB sells out?

April 28, 2000

Although did feature banner ads on its pages last week, YSIB won't be doing any 1-800-COLLECT commercials any time soon. Turns out the banner ads were caused by a small billing error, which has since been corrected. In other news, Brian, Shane and Anthony are off to see Beck tonight, and they'll be getting together tomorrow to work more on the new album. Expect more info coming to the site soon. Oh yeah, listen to Shane on his as-of-yet-unnamed morning show on KGRG, 6-9am Tuesdays and Thursdays. 89.9 FM if you live in the Federal Way area, if you live elsewhere.

YSIB plans to record new LP

March 23, 2000

Brian, Shane and Anthony met on-line last to discuss plans for the brand new YSIB record, Preventable Car Accidents. Right now we are shooting for a Fall 2000 release. The album will likely have 24 songs (depending on what works out). There are no plans to release anything via a record label at this time, this record is being done by ourselves. (However, we do plan to ship copies of this record to labels, so we'll see what develops.) Chris' involvement in the new record at this point is uncertain since he is in Arizona. Brian, Shane and Anthony will be recording new tracks this week.

10,000th Visitor!

February 10, 2000

Hooray, has received 10,000 visitors! The 10,000th visitor, and winner of our 10,000th visitor contest was Brian Rogers. Mr./Ms. Rogers will be receiving the grand prize, that is an autographed copy of our album and a personal show at his/her own home. Congratulations, Brian! (Update -- 3/14: Anthony was visitor #11,111. No prize for him, though.)

New Stuff

January 17, 2000

New live YSIB stuff is up on the sounds page. We also have a new purchase site where you can buy our merchandise, check the purchase page.

Happy 2000

January 8, 2000

It's been forever since things have been updated around here, so blame the Y2K bug. Actually, the "bug" did affect things here at, for a few days new guestbook entries were showing up as being from the year 100. Looks like the good people at FreeServers got it all cleared up, though... God bless their souls. There are new various updates all around, mainly the links and FAQ pages. Enjoy. Also, our record label, Oaken, has a page now, and Brian and Chris both have pages for their solo material. Check the contact page and the links page for more YSIB-related fun.