Responses to Guestbook Entries

Anthony on Old Guestbook Entry 18

let me comment on a particular entry:

#18 (theSKANK): You guys are a FUCKING joke........ RIGHT?

are we a joke? no. but we expect to be taken as such. i'm glad some one with such a grasp of the obvious picked up on that immediately.

If you are for real pay me 2 bucks and you can comeover to my house and cut my lawn.

as long as we can play a show there.

Your all going to be homosexuals when u grow up.

well, i could comment on yr obvious spelling and verb agreement problems there, but instead, i'll just say, when you have someone in yr band as hot as shane, you wish you were gay.

What kinda music do u listen to DON"T SAY PUNK I'll decide what type of music it is because I am god....

we all listen to a lot of fast and loud music, if that's what you want to know. is punk really a genre of music? to me, punk rock is more about doing yr own thing, regardless of what others think. that's why i really don't give a freaking fuck about what you think. obviously, to you, "punk" is about certain types of bands that meet a certain criteria. throw in a few power chords, green hair, some k-mart brand(tm) rebellion, and 39 instances of the "f-word" and you have a punk band. that kind of labelling makes me sick. by the way, have you heard the new rancid record? i think y'd like it... they all have mohawks!

Where do U live so I can come and kick all of you little ass's.

obviously you didn't read our bio, that's federal way, wa. and just so you know, i'm the only member of ysib that doesn't have a little ass.

Take you PUNK ENERGY! and shove it up you ASS!!

first of all, "punk energy" is total sarcasm, meant to annoy and confuse those idiot "i'm more punk than you" types. i see that it has worked. also, our asses are too little to hold all that punk energy. i have often commented on how brian actually has "punk coming out his ass."

well, that's all from me for now. i have more things to comment on, but this entry is already too huge. i love you all... and if someone out there can actually post a decent flame to the guestbook, i'm up to the challenge. -- anthony

Anthony on Old Guestbook Entry 76


i'd like to thank the last person who singed the guestbook. see we didn't think we'd attract these kind of losers until we were already the biggest band in the universe. learn a thing or two about sarcasm before you come back. anyone who comes to this guestbook claiming that we "don't understand what punk rock is all about" or something has extremely missed the point.

here's a little insight to the minds of ysib. there's 4 of us. we've never been in a band before. we all decided to come together and play what we want to. we don't do it a certain way, a "punk" way, an "alternative" way or anything else. it's our thing and we laugh at all you assholes who call us lame. in fact being called lame by anyone but ourselves is a compliment. we don't want you to understand us. obviously you can't.

you mentioned "we are so punk rock." what do you think that song is about? what we do? what we think "punk rock" is? ha, i can't even believe i'm explaining it.

it's all a fucking joke. every single word. there are all these stereotypes about punk rock... and we've taken it upon ourselves to overemphasize every single one. just to see if you can get a rise out of all you fucking "punk rock" and "hardcore" types. i think the most gratifying show we could ever put on is to play for a bunch of HC kids and have them hate every second. read our bio.

let us do things the way we want. the best definition i could give for the word "punk" is doing things the way you want, and not giving a fuck about what's expected, or anything else. should we change our style to fit yr definition of "punk"? does that make sense? see, what people like you do is you take this "punk" image y've invented for yrselves and hide behind it. it's sad.

destroying that mentality is what we're all about. we hate punk rock. and we hate you.

Chris on Old Guestbook Entry 90

Hey, I'll field this one :)

Okay, mr. "gatsby," if you bothered to read the guestbook (or have a sense of humor, or not be an idiot) you would realize that we aren't "we are so punk rock" people... you may have read the lyrics to that sound. IT'S A JOKE. we're PSEUDO-punk. learn english and you'll know what that prefix means.

Anthony on Guestbook Entries 99-100

anthony from the band here...

wow... we've had a lot hate mail recently, and we love it! keep it coming, please. it makes our day to know that we are so over everyone's head.

yes, we have a bassist and a drummer... go to the "contact us" page and you can see shane playing the bass, and me playing the drums.

anyway, i don't feel like really bitching anyone out today.


Anthony on Disses From the Guestbook

it's me... anthony the drummer, again...

what's the deal here guys?

is there some kind of a "punk rock police" group that goes around with nothing better to do then find bands that "aren't punk" and sign their guestbooks? apparently so.

to be called "not punk" by any of you people is the greatest compliment any of us could recieve. we appreciate it. however, what's this about us being rich? that's so not true. what makes you think we are rich? because we managed to throw $70 to get a domain name? we're still not done paying for it, and we plan to make the money by SELLING CDs and PLAYING SHOWS. take a look at our equipment sometime and tell us how rich we are. i'm still saving up for some cymbals that don't sound like shit, and shane doesn't even have his own bass yet, he's borrowing one. please, do a little bit of research next time.

oh yeah, and one more thing, if you are going to talk shit about us when signing our guestbook, at least have the nerve to LEAVE YOUR REAL E-MAIL ADDRESS, so we can get back to you. you people are just plain pathetic.

Brian on Old Guestbook Entries #120-123

Hey, it's Brian, the guitar guy (far left on front page picture).

Just so everyone knows, that was my brother that signed the guestbook earlier. Sorry about the confusion it caused. (Apparently Alex thought that was my dad or something.)

Yeah, it was a dumb response message (with improper spelling even!). So, for the record:

The views of the family members, personal associates, business partners, friends, and comedy of Brian Rogers do not necessarily reflect the views of Brian Rogers himself or his subsidiaries.

Please keep this in mind the next time you see a "family member" signing.

On that note, keep the "disses" coming! You guys are just reaffirming the fact that today's punk scene is full of a bunch of trendy "hardcore" teenagers who become enraged at the sight of a group of people actually having fun with their music! C'mon, guys...you act like punk rock is your "job." Maybe enrolling in a few "IB Chillin'" classes will help.... Uh-oh, inside jokes!!! That's even worse! Consider me personally responsible for the downfall of today's punk rock scene.

Brian punk-killer Rogers

Chris on Old Guestbook Entry #127

Hey, it's Chris from the band... I figured people would mention this eventually. Somewhere on the site, yes, it does say "we hate punk rock," etc. But, Anthony, the guy that wrote that, does like bands like NOFX and Chixdiggit!. So I guess what he really means is that he doesn't like the "you have to act like this to be punk rock" attitudes of some people in the "scene." Er... I think that's probably what he meant. My personal definition of punk rock is fast power-chord filled music with yelling for vocals and such. And I kinda like that! But, to each his own. However... I don't like Green Day's newer stuff or MxPx. Just for the record. I did used to like MxPx, sorry about that. Later pseudo-punkers...

Anthony on Chris' response

dammit chris....

hehe... okay. i have no problem with the concept of "punk rock music." i hate punk rock attitudes. i hate what most people seem to think is punk rock today. that's all. and i'll let everyone reading this guestbook decide for themselves what i mean by that.

just got off the phone with a guy from ATMF... turns out they are pretty cool guys, and (excluding one particular member) they don't have a problem with us. so, disregard any previous messages of that nature on our guestbook or their guestbook. things are cool.

Anthony to the Crazed Silverchair Fans

Okay, okay, okay.

I'm obviously smart enough to figure out that someone posted our site to a Silverchair fan page, mailing list, or newsgroup, and all you people have decided to gang up on us.

Well, personally, I think that's wonderful!

I got such a kick out of all you guys and your posts, you just made my day. And it's obvious you guys are true Silverchair fans... because I've never seen more bad grammar and spelling in my life!

Anyway, I'd like to comment on a few things:

  • "Silverchair have more talent than you guys will eva have !!!!" -- Yep, I agree... no one ever said we had talent.
  • "I have never heard more stupid lyrics in my life." -- Neither have I... but I love 'em.
  • "Making fun of Daniel Johns is the last straw in trying to become popular..." -- Who said we wanted to be popular? We never had any type of ambition to be popular... but, judging by the amount of hits we've recieved recently, I'd say it's making us quite popular.
  • "...you make lyrics just to sell records..." -- Hahaha! We do? Who would look at our lyrics and think "These are great... I should buy this!" Certainly not me.
  • "I am the long time silverchair fan..." -- Wow. The long time silverchair fan, eh? I had a feeling there was only one.
  • "I hope nobody buys your CD!!!" -- I hate to inform you, but the first print run of our CD is almost already sold out.
  • "the worst way to try to get into the 'music scene' is to start out by ripping off other people." -- Nope, sorry. The worst way to get into the music scene is to give record agents oral sex, like Sheryl Crow did. Or maybe that's the best way... ah, I can't remember. Anyway, the "music scene" sucks anyway, and we don't want to have anything to do with it.
  • "i hope instead of being happy about people disliking you and your music, that you're thinking about what jerkoffs you are." -- Again... nope, sorry. The fact that this many Silverchair fans have nothing better to do then visit our page and make fun of us totally makes my day.
  • "He [Daniel] has achived more in one day then u will in your intire life!!" -- Yeah, and I eat more food in one day then Daniel has in his entire life. (Oooh... that was a cheap shot, I'm sorry.)
  • "So have fun with your crap!!" -- Yay! You do get the point, don't you? That's exactly what the four of us are doing. Having fun with our crap.
  • "i'm not sure what u r trying 2 accomplish by bashing daniel johns" -- We weren't trying to accomplish anything at all. Brian just wrote a little tune about a band that sucks and its lead singer, and we liked it and played it. However, now that we've seen what a response it's gotten, I think we did accomplish something after all.
  • "everyone in their rite mind knowz that daniel is a musical genius" -- Haha. Face it guys, Daniel is a musical idiot. The only thing "genius" about him is his skill in ripping off other bands.
  • "his lyricz come from the heart and deal w/ real life issues" -- Haha, really? Please feel free to sign the guestbook again and explain these "real life issues" to me.
  • "[Silverchair is] a major part of my everyday life" -- Pathetic.
  • "how can u say that daniel pretends 2 care when writing lyrics?" -- Very simple. "People dying... for no reason at all; makes no difference if you are large or small...." Come on! What a sad, sorry attempt at serious-sounding lyrics. And that's about the worst rhyme anyone could ever think of... it doesn't even make sense! What, do people commonly think that one's size has something to do with whether or not people are dying? I can see it now, "Dude, I'm like 6'2"... those things don't concern me!" To the guy who said we "make lyrics just to sell records," I think Silverchair is much more guilty of that than we are.
  • "my band has two songs about how Daniel Johns is a queer!" -- Hehe, yay! Go Alex! Are you gonna debut those tunes at your next show? We'll be there, as usual.
  • "hey if you guys dun wanna be lyke daniel johns then how come you put in one of your verses "Put your hands in the air"?? cuz that's on his lyrics....it seems more like you WANNA be like him..." -- Oh come on! Are Silverchair fans really that stupid? Are all of you this stupid? Come on, go ahead, raise your hands if you are as stupid as this person I quoted. Go ahead, put your hands in the air! Wait, what am I saying?
  • "but i hope you guys make it big." -- I don't know about the rest of the guys in YSIB, but I sure don't.
  • "you gotta learn that playing fast doesnt mean you're good." -- We know.
  • "it doesnt mean you're cool either." -- We know.
  • "power chords only get you so far." -- Yep, just about as far as we want to go.
  • "and really, cutting up musicians who are pretty much number one right now, it doesnt go towards you." -- Fine.
  • "trust me. you wont make it out of your garage or basement playing days." -- Actually, we practice in Brian's bedroom.
  • "have fun boys." -- Again, we do.
  • "thats funnie that you cosider yourself punk" -- NO WE DON'T!
  • "silverchair actully has song that are being played on the radio" -- Hey, check our news page. "Don't Wanna Be (Daniel Johns)" has been on the radio.
  • "And just cause he got hit with that bottle in Santa Monica, he never claimed he was punk." -- Whatever. I heard some radio DJ (who sucks, but that's beside the point) say that Daniel thought getting hit with a bottle was pretty punk rock. Maybe I'm wrong.
  • "If you boys are serious about a music career..." -- We aren't.

Hmm, anyway... it's funny that during this entire posting frenzy (which probably hasn't ended yet), two people signed our guestbook privately to say that they are Silverchair fans, but nonetheless loved the song and thought it was hiliarious. I won't quote them since they signed privately... obviously they are too concerned about fellow Silverchair fans getting pissed off at them for liking the song.

Well, wow! Thanks for the posts and unnecessary attention everyone, we really don't deserve it! Tell your other Silverchair fan friends to sign our guestbook too! Post our site to more webpages and mailing lists! And, of course, keep checking back here for more updates!

Oh hey... Melissa Johns... I'm assuming you're related to Daniel? Could you give him a copy of our song? We'd appreciate it. Or how about that John Watson guy... could you hook Daniel up? Thanks.

-- Anthony, crappy drummer who can't keep time

Chris to the Crazed Silverchair fans

First of all.... I can't believe we're getting such a big reaction here. "Don't Wanna Be (Daniel Johns)" was written long before YSIB was something that could be considered a band... at the time, I think only Brian could play an instrument. So it's not like we could be "jealous of his success." Yeah, I'm sure Daniel Johns is a very nice person, but we like making fun of bands in our li'l group of friends and Silverchair happened to be one of those bands. I guess the internet makes it a pretty small world... with all this ruckus, I wouldn't be surprised if the man himself has heard it. We recorded that song using Cool Edit Pro on Anthony's laptop, and now every freaking silverchair fan on the net is on our page blasting us. Amazing!

I should probably admit something. There is a silverchair CD, Frogstomp, sitting with my other CDs, about 10 feet away from me as I type this. I haven't listened to it in a while, but I used to all the time. Hell, I still kinda like "Tomorrow," which was the only song I had heard when I bought it. By writing that song we wrote, we weren't expressing any real hatred or desire to rid the earth of Silverchair or anything. It's a joke! I didn't write the song (though I do stand by it, as meaningless as that may be) but the amount of collective time it took to write all those guestbook entries was probably more than it took to write that song.

I'm not even gonna think about trying to read aaaallll those guestbook entries just yet, but I read a few of them... some people seem to think we are trying really hard to get noticed and get a record contract and we're not going to ever make it because we suck and blah blah blah... I guess I can't speak for the others, but since I'm going to college in Arizona in August, and will probably not have many chances to play with the band after that, I have thought about what the band meant to me a lot... and everything I ever wanted or expected to get out of being in it, I got.... sitting around, playing music with friends, and having the little thrill of playing shows in actual clubs, and having fun playing at parties. I doubt any of us have any illusions of "success," as defined by money or fame or whatever, for the future. We're doing exactly what we want to be doing.

Thank you to everyone who has signed the guestbook dissing us in the past few days. I'm not trying to be defensive or insulting or whatever... I know it wasn't your intention, but it does feel good to see dozens of fans (of silverchair, granted) talking about how much they love a band, and to see them defend it. Music is great... I only wish more people could get involved in playing music, it enhances your appreciation for those who are actually good at it. And, in fact, I do agree that in most ways I can think of, Silverchair is better than us. They're certainly better at their instruments, and Daniel can sing better than any of us. We obviously have different lyrical styles, heh heh.... ours is mainly to entertain ourselves. There are a lot of inside jokes in there. We don't even try to compare ourselves to bands that have made it big... it doesn't even feel like the same sport. All that is the business side, which I don't really care about. It's not what I want to do when I grow up. I hope Silverchair still has as much fun playing music as they did before they made it big... And I bet they never really expected anything other than fun out of it anyway.

Basically, the only bands that REALLY suck in my eyes are those containing jerks. As for the lyrics to "Don't wanna be," I really doubt Daniel Johns "thinks he's so punk rock" or whatever. We're just having fun and kidding around.

Anthony to the Silverchair Fans

Hey, everyone. I just set up this responses page up for the four of us to use to get non-news messages out to our fans (and non-fans... heheh), without having to sign our own guestbook. (I mean, come on, we're not All in All or anything.) Brian, Chris, Shane: feel free to add yr own comments and responses to guestbook entries whenever you like, just make sure to e-mail me so I know you've updated it.

Okay, I've been rather busy and I've been putting off getting the guestbook archives and stuff on-line, but I finally did. I just had a few more words for the Silverchair community, because by the looks of things they are still checking out this site quite a bit.

First, I want to say that I totally take back the anorexia joke (see below) about Daniel. Well, I sort of take it back. A few people commented on the guestbook that it wasn't funny. I agree... and my heart goes out to those people and the friends and families of the people who have to deal with the disease. Do I sound hypocritical? The only reason I included the joke is because I like to push the limit... I was having a lot of fun with the response our song has been getting and wanted to see what kind of a response I could get if I made it a bit more personal. I mean, come on, I'm only making fun of a celebrity! My fellow bandmates and other friends would probably quote me as saying "celebrities aren't people." Sure, Daniel Johns is a celebrity, and Daniel Johns is a person. But I'm not making fun of Daniel Johns the person, I'm making fun of Daniel Johns the celebrity. The image. The only Daniel Johns that 99% of you Silverchair fans out there actually know. Most all of you Silverchair fans don't know Daniel Johns the person. You'll never run into him at the mall and have a bite to eat in the food court. You'll never call him on the phone and ask him how his day was. You may know his favorite color, or likes and dislikes; but it's because you read it in a teen magazine or website. The fact that so many people could get so worked up about a celebrity just baffles me.

Now as far as "Don't Wanna Be (Daniel Johns)," I want to clear up a few things. We're not jealous of Daniel or Silverchair. The song was written about four years ago on a piece of paper in a high school cafeteria. Brian had been singing "Monkeywrench" by the Foo Fighters (which contains the line "Don't wanna be your monkeywrench...") and somehow during a discussion of how much the Silverchair album Frogstomp (the only one released at the time) sucks, Brian came up with the idea of "Don't Wanna Be (Daniel Johns)." Brian wrote the lyrics, and I threw in the stuff about Daniel getting hit with a bottle, and about how I heard about his comments on how he thought it was pretty cool and "punk rock." It was a joke. And when YSIB actually got together and started playing music (before that time we were just an excuse to write stupid songs) we used the song. It was never intended to be anything more than something for the four of us to enjoy... but as we got somewhat serious and started playing shows and having this website, people started to notice it.

Anyone who has the idea that we are out to disgrace the name of Silverchair, that we are jealous of Silverchair's success, or that we wrote the song to get noticed is tremendously mistaken. However, the fact that it has been getting us noticed is just a little benefit that we are really enjoying right now.

I'll be honest... the four of us really do think that Silverchair sucks. Sure, we may have written the song in the Frogstomp era, but we have checked out the other two albums since then. Don't be fooled, boys and girls... Silverchair's music is a lot of stolen riffs and meaningless lyrics masquerading as poetry. (Our lyrics, on the other hand, are admittedly stupid, and we never try to make them look like anything more than that.) But we don't hate Daniel Johns or even hate Silverchair.

While searching the internet for Silverchair sites that talk about YSIB, I ran into this page (dead link). I checked out some of the quotes from the band members... and I must admit, that's funny stuff! All three of these guys seem to have great senses of humor and it looks like they are really good friends. That makes me happy... it reminds me of my own band. I have so much fun spending time with Brian, Chris, and Shane... and I'm glad Daniel, Ben, and Chris feel the same way about Silverchair.

Now, about all of you Silverchair fans still signing the guestbook: let's give it a rest, could we? We know that there are millions more out there that haven't dissed us yet, but we'd really like to move on. The attention was nice, but we do have other songs besides our little track about Daniel. Check them out some time. I'm already beginning to understand what a one-hit wonder feels like....

And one last thing, for those people who commented about the emotion in Silverchair's music: do yourselves a favor and track down some music by Cursive, Sunny Day Real Estate, or Slint. That's emotional music.

Good night, everyone.

Chris to the Persistent Silverchair Fans

well, Anthony may have taken back his anorexia comment, but I stand by it. Nobody makes anybody read a web page. My grandfather died of a stroke, that doesn't mean I have to cry all over the place if I see someone making a stroke-joke on a webpage. Another thing. Brian wrote "Don't wanna be (daniel johns)" like 4 years ago! You people are morons! What are you protesting? If you're trying to stand by D.J.'s values, go protest outside a burger king! Which reminds me, I'm vegan too... if I can't think Silverchair sucks because Daniel is a vegan, doesn't that mean you have to think my band's great? *sigh*... I'm outta here.

Brian Using Small Monosyllabic Words (oops, already messed up) for All the Silverchair Fans

Okay, people, listen up: You are all pathetic!! Here's what I've learned from reading this guestbook:

  • Silverchair fans can't read or write past a third grade level.
    • "this suck you people don't know how to make a web site do you." --andy from wisconsin
    • "you have no idea how much rave you have woken up assholes.... it is people like you that sicken me and not only me, u could at least write your own songs, oh yeah i know." --laura from 'a mental hosp'
    • "Don't make fun of silverchair or people that had or have Anorexia like Daniel no one thinks u guys are cool or even close to funny okay on a topic like that u cant make a joke out of it but yur too fuckin dumb to relize that u jerk and before u try to find another person to talk shit about to get some attention for yur next song u should look at yurself" [whew!] --anonymous (I can see why!)
  • Silverchair fans seem to think we are constantly going around making fun of Silverchair, on the basis of one song which we recorded in my living room. Morning, noon, and night, just making fun of Silverchair. Now this doesn't make much sense, does it? For the last time, here's how it goes:

    We recorded a song mostly as A JOKE which happened to mention Daniel Johns. We then mention on a webpage that we recorded this song, along with many others. Years later, crazed Silverchair fans find out and go "apeshit." Said fans then humiliate themselves in front of aforementioned band members and 'tens' of people who read the guestbook by using improper spelling, confusing your/you're (along with basic rules of English grammar), and ultimately appearing like stupid hypersensitive morons who can't stand a dissenting opinion.

  • Generally, Silverchair fans are idiots

Consider this: We are giving you this forum to express yourselves and post comments about our band. Under no circumstances have we ever deleted posts; we allow anyone's opinions to be seen by anyone who cares to look. So then why not spend a couple minutes to think..."Hmm, do I actually want to be the subject of ridicule for days to come because I either couldn't express a coherent opinion, or was so stupid that I just 'flew off the handle' and signed a guestbook of a lame teenage band mostly on a whim?"

All I'm asking for is the following: proper spelling, the rudiments of an intelligent thought, and (this one is really annoying) NO ALL CAPS POSTS! Do you think we will 'listen more' if your post is in all capitals? What you're really saying when you type in all capitals is, "IM LOUD SEW I"M RITE."

I mean, I know you all are blind followers, but don't you need a couple independent thoughts to actually decide to become a follower in the first place? Geez.

Yes, these are the sad realizations I came to. I dare you guys to prove me wrong! But no one has...it's unbelievable! Are you this stupid? Well, are you?

Chris Makes a Minor Correction

Actually, though none of us have deleted entries, I edited an entry once. Someone implied that I had sex with someone else, so I changed the comment to imply that I had sex with her. I figured it was better than deleting it. Mwuhahahha.