Welcome to the new ysib.com.*

A wise man** once said, “A change (would do you good).” We here at YSIB have taken that advice to heart*** and have revamped our web site accordingly.

While the band may no longer be active, the memory remains.+ Think of this page as a snapshot of the glorious++ past during YSIB’s reign as the kings of pseudo-punk+++.

This isn’t to say that YSIB has broken up. YSIB lives in the hearts and minds of children and adults of all ages^. These four gentlemen are firmly committed^^ to spreading the joy of pseudo-punk whenever necessary.

Please take a look through our new web site. You’ll find that all of the old information is still there^^^, as well as some new surprises!% Take care and keep listening to Silverchair.%%


* Not affiliated with the new TNN.
** Man may not have been wise or male.
*** No one actually paid attention to this advice.
+ I apologize for making a reference to that awful song.
++ Description does not reflect anyone’s real opinion.
+++ Meaningless phrase, only true based on a technicality, as there are no other pseudo-punk bands.
^ Statement could not be verified.
^^ True if you think of firm commitment as “mild interest, at best.”
^^^ I hope no one is counting on this “fact.”
% The navigation pane on the left kind of “gives away” anything that could’ve been a “surprise.”
%% Please think very carefully before you take this statement as complete sincerity.