Ah yes, the guestbook. Back in ancient times, there was a disclaimer here to prevent people from making themselves look like morons. Alas, no one ever read it. (Or at least, no one ever heeded its plaintive warnings.)

As it has become clear that you guys enjoy looking stupid, we've decided to dispense with the warnings and instead give you the freedom to write whatever you want.*

I guess there's really no way to keep you people from posting about Silverchair in here... but seriously, it's not the place to do it anymore. We're not censoring anyone, post wherever you like about whatever you like, but go to the Silverchair controversy area of our site and post in the message board there if you just want to discuss the Daniel Johns issue. Thanks.

Why are you thanking me? I'm an idiot, and won't do what you say anyway!

Uh... sorry.

So, anyway, here are your options:

* Spam and unsolicited "Dude, check out my band" postings will be removed. Praise will be appreciated. Criticism will be accepted. Dumbasses saying that we're "not punk" will be the subject of jokes for years to come.