We enlisted some help from our "friends" at to make available some historic YSIB videos. At least two YSIB shows were videotaped, and we are passing the savings on to you ... somehow ... by allowing you to view them!

Club Extreme, Fife, WA

March 13, 1999

That's right, folks, the first YSIB club show -- captured on videotape for your viewing discomfort. This show was terrible! The setlist follows. We've uploaded a few clips that give you a taste of the pure pseudo-punk fury unleashed upon the unsuspecting crowd. (No, I'm not being facetious; really, they were there to see other bands.)

  1. (Introduction)
  2. Intro Song
  3. KISUX
  4. Sarcasm = ∅
  5. Don't Wanna Be (Daniel Johns)
  6. Mustard on My Mouth
  7. Roald Hoffmann Jam
  8. Blue to Red Ac-ed
  9. The People in Front of Us at the Movie Theater
  10. Beardo
  11. 0.6309
  12. We Are So Punk Rock
  13. I Lobby For Captain
  14. Let's Play Coprorate Rock
  15. Someone Sucks (His Name Is You)
  16. PNATTI
  17. Gas Chamber
  18. Driver's Death
  19. Yeah, Right
  20. (Backstage Party)

West Valley Church, Auburn, WA

January 1, 2004

YSIB played a "reunion show" after being apart for almost 3 years. Shane had the foresight to bring his video camera to capture the action. I guess foresight really is 20/20! What am I talking about?

For fun, we also played an opening set (minus Shane) of Pedro the Lion covers. Since the rule is that all cover bands need to name themselves after a song title or lyrical reference to the band they cover we "did not disappoint"; hence, Ten More Minutes.

(Video coming soon.)

  1. J'mih
  2. Stealin' Chairz
  3. Sarcasm = ∅
  4. Beardo
  5. KISUX
  6. Rebel (In Front of Me)
  7. Don't Wanna Be (Daniel Johns)
  8. Let's Play Coprorate Rock
  9. We Are So Punk Rock
  10. Roald Hoffman Jam
  11. Blue to Red Ac-ed
  12. Driver's Death
  13. 0.6309
  14. Did I Mention I Drink Alcohol?
  15. Yeah, Right
  16. The Blackness of My Heart Fills the Grey Clouds (performed by The Project 7 Clouds Theory)
  17. Someone Sucks (His Name Is You)