silverchair controversy


The "Don't Wanna Be (Daniel Johns) band"

This site is all about the song "Don't Wanna Be (Daniel Johns)" by the band YSIB. If you'd like to know more about the band YSIB, their upcoming shows, and their music... visit their actual site. If you're here just because of "Don't Wanna Be" -- perhaps you were personally offended by the song, perhaps you think it's funny, perhaps you think it's the only good song we've recorded, perhaps you haven't even listened to any other songs, perhaps you think it's trash -- this is the site.

But, uh, wait... you guys are making an entire site about one song? I thought you said you're tired of hearing about it, and want to put it aside and get on with things? Isn't this just a way to further play up the hype?

We are tired of hearing about the song, and we do want to get on with things. However, you people don't want to give up on this. So, instead of letting Silverchair-babble clutter up our actual site, we're setting aside a separate place for it. Here we hope to clear up any misconceptions about our song, and give you people a chance to discuss it with us on our new messageboard.

So here you go:

  • Past responses -- What we've said about the Silverchair controversy in the past. Read this first.
  • Download the song for free from That's right... you see that? $0.85 in playback earnings! Bam! (Update: has since gone out of business. Yay!)
  • Shane's "apology" to the Silverchair fans.
  • Discussion Board -- What do you think about the song? Would you like to state your opinion and actually defend it, as opposed to leaving an anonymous message on a guestbook? Would you like to see what other people think? Here you go....

Other Links

  • A post to the AY2K mailing list mentioning the song -- Due to the magic of, we were able to bring this link back from the dead. Unfortunately, it seems like little else was saved.
  • Another post -- from someone trying to figure out the lyrics, before they knew who did the song. (OMG dead link! Didn't anyone read "Cool URIs don't change"?)
  • The postcard that we sent to the list thanking them for making such a big deal out of our song. This was back when we had a "postcards" page on our site. (And wouldn't you know it, the link is dead anyway.)
  • Silverballoon -- Not exactly sure what the point of this site is. In fact, we kind of hate to link it here, because we do a get a good laugh out of seeing "This forum is currently empty!" whenever you go to the forum page, and if someone actually knows about it, someone might actually post. That would ruin all our fun. But it's only fair. Again, we're not exactly sure what the site is trying to say... as with most Silverchair-fan writing, it's not very consistent and doesn't really have a clear point. (We really should've archived some of these pages; think of all the laughs we'll never have again!)
  • Official Silverchair site

Much more coming soon never. Do you have a page that mentions YSIB and the Silverchair controversy? Do you have an idea for content to this site? We here at YSIB really hope to work you, the mindless crazed Silverchair fans, to make this the best "Don't Wanna Be (Daniel Johns)" related site ever. So, go ahead... hit the messageboard, tell us what you think! Why does the song bother you? Why do you have a problem with us for writing it? Let us know! Until then....