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Format(s)Internet MP3 release
LabelSelf-released (∅aken Records / ∅AK006)
  1. audio lyrics This Dictionary Is Non-Operational
  2. audio lyrics Brand New Band
  3. audio lyrics Last Night in Fedtopia
  4. audio lyrics Unprepared

After a long hiatus, YSIB reconvened to record four songs written during the previous 24 hours. Each band member contributed one song. They were performed in Brian's garage and recorded live with two low-quality microphones direct to Chris' laptop.
(It should be noted that while the music was recorded live, the vocals were recorded in separate takes, albeit with the same crappy microphones and inattention to detail.)

Format(s)Internet MP3 release
LabelSelf-released (∅aken Records / ∅AK005)
  1. audio lyrics Check the Levels (We're Not
    Doing This Again)
  2. audio lyrics Q (A Song that Starts with Q)
  3. audio lyrics Opposite of Commer.
  4. audio lyrics I Wrote This In the Car
  5. audio lyrics Stealin Chairz (live)
  6. audio lyrics D00d
  7. audio lyrics The Blackness in My Heart Fills
    the Grey Clouds (YSIB with The Project
    7 Clouds Theory
  8. audio lyrics Did I Mention I Drink Alcohol?
  9. audio lyrics Libary
  10. audio lyrics J'mih
  11. audio Talking Into the Microphone
  12. audio Check the Levels (1st Attempt)
  13. audio Mic Levels
  14. audio Check the Levels (2nd Attempt)
  15. audio Can You Hear My Vocals
  16. audio Check the Levels (113th Attempt)
  17. audio Singing Into the Microphone
  18. audio Least Talented Jam
  19. audio People Jam
  20. audio Anthony's Restroom Break
  21. audio Chris Broke His String
  22. audio Chris Fixed His String
  23. audio Playing Soccer
  24. audio Driving Down the Road
  25. audio Bands that Suck
  26. audio Man I'm Chris Tucker Man
  27. audio Next Karate Kid
  28. audio Yo! MTV Raps
  29. audio Senorita Boyd 2k1 (bonus track)
  30. audio Trick Fred (bonus track)

In preparation for the last big YSIB event of the summer, the band brainstormed ideas for what to do. Should we painstakingly practice and record a couple new songs? Should we book a couple club shows that we are in no way prepared for? Or...should we get together for a couple hours and hastily record a bunch of crappy 1 or 2 minute punk songs that only 6 or 7 people will enjoy?
The first 10 songs are considered "real" songs, as in actual attempts to play music. The last 18 tracks are mostly just messing around and some impromptu jams. Many of the songs on Unserious were written as long ago as 1996 (4 1/2 years before we recorded this thing). The "bonus songs" were recorded the night before Unserious while Anthony and Brian set up the recording equipment.

Format(s)CD-R / Cassette
LabelSelf-released (∅aken Records / ∅AK004)
  1. audio lyrics Too Punk For Crosswalks
  2. audio lyrics KISUX
  3. audio lyrics The People In Front of Us
    at the Movie Theater
  4. audio lyrics Don't Wanna Be (Daniel Johns)
  5. audio lyrics Mustard On My Mouth
  6. audio lyrics Rebel (In Front of Me)
  7. audio lyrics We Are So Punk Rock
  8. audio lyrics I Lobby For Captain
  9. audio lyrics Blue to Red Ac-ed
  10. audio lyrics Sarcasm = ∅
  11. audio lyrics Stealin' Chairz
  12. audio lyrics Beardo
  13. audio lyrics pROPER cAPITALIZATION
  14. audio lyrics James Earl Jones
  15. audio lyrics Let's Play Coprorate Rock
  16. audio lyrics Driver's Death
  17. audio lyrics Yeah, Right
  18. audio lyrics I Don't Know
  19. audio (Bonus Track)

The first full length from a budding pseudo-punk band. Many of the songs from the first EP, Pseudo-punk, were re-recorded and included on this release. PCA represents a much more "mature" YSIB, as shown by the [ridiculous] harmonies, higher quality mixing, and longer [better?] songs. We still only had one mic for the drums. Oh, well.
PCA was recorded in Brian's living room, while many a family member watched and enjoyed(?).
Brian's brother John appears at the end of the track "Yeah, Right."
The bonus track is a compilation of song clips from our demo tapes. They're even lower-fi than our standard recordings, if you can imagine that.
We did eventually get around to making the CDs several months after we had finished the songs. Don't bother with it, just download the tracks. The RIAA will thank you.

Format(s)CD-R / Cassette
LabelSelf-released (∅aken Records / ∅AK002)
  1. audio lyrics Intro Song
  2. audio lyrics KISUX
  3. audio lyrics Let's Play Coprorate Rock
  4. audio lyrics Don't Wanna Be Daniel Johns
  5. audio lyrics We Are So Punk Rock
  6. audio lyrics Yeah, Right
  7. audio lyrics Driver's Death
  8. audio lyrics Someone Sucks (His Name Is You)
  9. audio lyrics Zero-Point-Six-Three-Zero-Nine
  10. audio lyrics Blue to Red Ac-ed

We sold about 30 copies (all on CD, but we did offer to make cassettes), and that's all we're going to print. We don't feel like making any more.
The percentages on the back cover are actual calculations of the length of each song relative to the entire CD. Actually, we fudged the numbers a bit because Chris (I think) didn't like that one of the percentages was too close to a whole number. I think it was "Coprorate" which was actually 14.00% so we changed it to 14.01% and decreased some other amount by .01%. I hope no one notices. Actually, the fact that there is a bonus track totally throws off the calculations anyway. Ah, who cares.
Yes, there is a bonus track. Check out the end of "Blue to Red" to hear a rare demo track, "The Fruiti-Os Song." And then closer to the end, the unforgettable 3 second audio file, "Oh No Dooon't." That one is so much of an inside joke, I don't think I even remember the whole story.

LabelSelf-released (∅aken Records / ∅AK001)
  1. audio lyrics Don't Wanna Be Daniel Johns
  2. audio lyrics Driver's Death
  3. audio lyrics Zero-Point-Six-Three-Zero-Nine
  4. audio lyrics KISUX (acoustic)

Tracks 1, 2, 3 are from the Pseudo-punk EP. Track 4 was otherwise unreleased, until it was included on The Early Year(s) promo CD. These tapes were printed up to be sold at our shows. We only printed three, and we're not going to make any more.