Did I Mention I Drink Alcohol? (B. Rogers)

This one dates back to the early days of YSIB. At one time, this song was considered part of the "regular song line up" but it was quickly forgotten. It was revived for Unserious. Another one of those "I'm cool because I drink" songs, written [sarcastically] from the perspective of the drinker. It's really not as deep as I'm making it out to be.... It receives the honor of being the first YSIB song in 6/4 time.

I was at a party
I was drinking something
Stronger than Bacardi
Much better than nothing

Not wood, not grain, not isopropyl
So please refrain from getting too full

I was having a beer
And did I mention I drink?
My future career
Won't tell me to think

I drink beer (it makes me cool)