Rebel (In Front of Me) (B. Rogers)

Originally about this guy Brad we knew in school. He was very rebellious; this entailed, among other things, standing up when the bus was moving and swearing loudly for no apparent reason. It's funny how people who try to stand out and avoid the rule-following norm end up doing the exact same things as anyone else who wants to seem subversive. Take that, rebels!

He's a rebel, plays by his own rules
Just like the cop shows on TV
He gained acceptance in the school
Carved out a path of conformity

He was sitting in front of me
Shouted obscenities
Loud so everyone could hear
It's just the same thing year after year

He won't realize it
So don't criticize it
Defense is his weapon
So don't you be steppin'

He's a rebel, once again, how trite
Sustenance is meaningless aggression
And though his words will always fight
They lack all forms of self-expression

Always running from the norm
To end up where he was before
And for every one of him you face
Ten more can always take his place

He's lost in the crowd
Even though he is loud
He's finally the same
All he is is a name

He's a rebel, yeah, I know
He's a rebel, there he goes