The People In Front of Us at the Movie Theater (B. Rogers)

I think Brian was listening to a lot of Deftones when he wrote the music to this. Anthony, another Deftones fan, made sure there were enough "dunt dunt!" drum parts when it came time for the drum parts to be written. The song was orignally about people sitting in front of us in a movie theater that unfortunately found the trailer for Out To Sea humorous. Brian later re-wrote it, focusing more about the friends that were with us that day, and how we left some of them behind after high school and such.

It seems so long
The group still going strong
Our humorous proclivities
Made for fun activities

We came together one day
Our differences were pushed away
To the end...
Never again

We'll never be the same
Forgotten every name
You'd think we'd be upset
But we part without regret