Brand New Band (S. Regan)

From the start, YSIB had two goals: make fun of things that annoyed us, and write insanely easy rhyme schemes. In the Unprepared EP, the small amount of time I took writing this song really brought me back to YSIB’s “roots” if you will.

It’s funny to think that our first album was making of fun of an alternative-rock band named Silverchair. Oh, how far we’ve come! Now we’re making fun of alternative-punk-emo-rock!

Unfortunately, in the 25 minutes it took to write this song, I didn’t finish writing the chorus, and didn’t get to make the song as rock-emo-goth-whatever as My Chemical Romance or Some Stupid Other Band Like MCR ... but the way it turned out is really interesting. It reminds me of something I’d hear on an early-’90s K Records comp, so I guess I’m down with that.

There's a girl in my school
She broke my heart in two
I wish she would love me back
What else can I do?

I told my mom to buy me a guitar
I tried to play a song but it got too hard
But my friends know some chords now we will see
How difficult life is, through poetry

I've got a brand new band with the guys in English class
Just to see the girl [write this part later]
Our wardrobe con-sists of only red and black
I don't know if I'll ever get her back
But I just have to try...
I'll try not to cry

Girl for you, don't you know
I'm makin' a band that's just for show
Rippin' off bands that ripped off other bands
That ripped off other bands, that weren't good in the first place

There's a war in Iraq
And we are under attack
From people overseas
But this is not for me
Because my eye-liner's streaked
I've been in bed all week
I'd let the terrorrists win
If I could just see my babe again...

(jeers and boos from audience)