Stealin' Chairz (B. Rogers)

Here's the way it is in art class... you either have a crappy chair (those stupid elementary-style ones) or a good chair (the ones they use in the cafeteria). Which do you choose? And what lengths are you going to go to in order to get it? This song sort of spawned the whole idea for the Unserious EP. We started jamming, and ended up with some kind of cool (ripped off from L7 or something along those lines) music. We needed lyrics and Brian had about 100 old songs scribbled on pieces of paper in this box he kept in his room. This one seemed to fit. We play this one all the time. It's just fun!

Stealin' chairz
Nobody cares
It isn't fairz
Stealin' chairz

I got my seat back
Mine all mine
People steal them
All the time

I stole it back
Cut me some slack
She don't know jack
I stole it back