Let's Play Coprorate Rock (B. Rogers)

Intentional misspelling. Or more accurately, it was an unintentional misspelling that we kept for some reason. Actually, I can't even remember if the "mistake" was intentional or not. In any case, we know how to spell, so just smile and nod. Another song about how much mainstream stuff sucks, blah, blah, blah....

I watch MTV
I read Rolling Stone
The Spin articles I read
Tell me what to condone

I'm considered cool
I keep up with the fads
I know bands that rule
I know what is rad

I'm so hip, I can play guitar!
I'm so hip, I'll be a rock star!
I'm so hip, I know what I'm gonna do!
I'm so hip, you can do it too!

Let's play corporate rock! (x4)