We Are So Punk Rock (B. Rogers)

Some idiot signed our guestbook and bitched us out because we supposedly think that this song is "what punk rock is all about." I guess if you just don't get it, there's nothing we can do. It's a joke. That's us falling "of" a cliff at the end, kind of.

We are so punk rock that we don't know what to do
We never practice our instruments, we dye our hair bright blue
We smash all our equipment and go straight to poverty
Then we turn to a life of crime and armed robbery!

We are so punk rock!
So let's rock!

We hate all our audience, every fan that we meet
Even though they give us cash and keep us off the street
Every day we play and play for twenty bucks a show
We play for 15 minutes then it's on the road we go!