Sarcasm = ∅ (B. Rogers)

My, how time flies when you're sitting through history class. Eh, eh? That was sarcasm! Eh? Oh boy.... This is about Mr. Erikson's class. The guy couldn't teach. He was really fun to make fun of, though.

History, the day begins
I try to unwind
We learn about Morocco
We learn about the Rhine
'Simmony' 'envelope'd' the nation
And became more 'prevail-ant'
The history test is so easy
I know I'll never fail it

Fifteen minutes, time to turn the page
I'll get a chance to sort out all my change
Justify, doesn't make it right
Another chance to waste another night

He tells us about the 'khe-dive'
Also 'Dennis Di-der-oh'
His pronunciation is the best I'll ever know
He always knows what's going on
Aware of everything
I always look forward to history
And the excitement that it brings

My memory turns to a place I was before
Tripped over a projector cord
All my enemies have become friends
If I had the chance I'd do it all again

I love history