Alex Clark indefinitely quits YSIB

December 30, 1998

After a trial period in which Alex Clark rejoined YSIB, Clark has finally decided that the pseudo-punk style and nature is not to his liking. Thus, Alex has left Why Should I? Because, this time for good. Although all members of YSIB engaged in quite a bit of "mud-slinging" due to this event, we all still wish Alex the best in whatever musical goals he may pursue.

Where are we? Do you care?

December 7, 1998

So, what been up? Not much here. Actually, we've been working on recording our album! About time, huh? Anyway, who's reading this? Who are you? If you'd like more information on our stuff, you can always join our mailing list and get free stuff! Also, if you're in Bremerton, and you got an official invitation, be sure to check us out with Soup'r Chicken on the 31st! It will be an awesome show.

Alex Clark rejoins YSIB

October 26, 1998

Bassist Alex Clark has rejoined the YSIB line-up! Alex, after an almost half-year leave of absence, Clark realized that pseudo-punk indeed inhabits one forever. What the hell am I talking about? Anyway, after a stint with David's Address, Clark came back to rock with Why Should I? Because, and we're more than happy to have him back.

Alex Clark leaves YSIB

May 29, 1998

Bassist Alex Clark has left the YSIB line-up. Alex had been playing with us for over a month, and apparently was not ever completely satisfied with the style of music we play and his say in the band. Since his departure, Alex has been playing in Nick Johnston's blues rock 'n roll band, and we wish him the best. We are currently not sure if we will be finding a new bassist or if we will switch to a four-piece. In other news, both YSIB and All in All got screwed out of playing the TJ Battle of the Bands, as TJ decided to introduce new qualifications without telling us.

YSIB "obtains" another new drummer

May 20, 1998

Garrett Simms has officially left YSIB, stating that he needed more time to concentrate on school. After we obtain our very own drum set, he will be replaced by Anthony Schmidt. Anthony has never played drums before, but, hey, how hard could it be, right?

No news is good news

May 12, 1998

Well... let's see. Anthony finally got his computer back from the shop, however the idiots who "fixed" it also formatted it, destroying the only copies of sessions 6 and 7. Yes, believe me, those people will pay. Also, today is Shane's birthday and he finally got his CD writer, which means our new CD-EP should be recorded and in extremely limited distribution in a few months. Brian has been working hard at the art work, and has a very good working idea. Alex got us some free studio time in a pseudo- professional studio, where we plan to record 15 tracks, most of which will show up on the new EP. As far as shows, we're going to be playing the "Shane Regan / Brian Rogers birthday bash" on Sunday at Brian's place.

YSIB obtains bassist and drummer

April 8, 1998

Why Should I? Because has recently added bassist Alex Clark to their line-up. Alex has also played with Johannes Mofoking, and the Brian Webley 5. YSIB also records at Alex's Moon Room studios. Another new addition to the band is Garrett Simms on drums. Expect a new demo with our new full band in a few weeks.

YSIB invited to play TJ's "Battle of the Bands"

April 8, 1998

YSIB has been invited to play at Thomas Jefferson High School's Fashionably Loud program, which will feature a "Battle of the Bands" competition. Yes, the names of both of these events suck. Anyway, this will be our first performance for more than a group of friends, and when we're big you are going to be lying to all your friends and telling people you were there. Yes, I am joking. We have been guaranteed 10 minutes to play, which should be enough for 6 or 7 songs. We're also planning on having RealVideo of the event up here soon.

First demo released

March 1998

Our first two recording sessions have just been released on a demo tape. Side A is from session 1, which was recorded live on Anthony's laptop computer. Side B is from session 2, recorded at Alex Clark's Moon Room studios. This tape is "circulating" now.